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The Packaging Industry

Consumers Packaged Goods is a good that been consume on daily basis, the goods that line up in this category are often need to be replaced.The consumers packaged industry is one of the biggest industries in North America with of 2 billion$. Big part of the industry is paper and carton packaging- for example; food, beverages, clothing, tobacco and more.

Packaging has a very important role in our modern lifestyle, protecting all our favorite goods. Packaging is what gets your pea from the farm on your plate your loved cereal ,you eat every morning, from the factory, the six pack of beer that you drink with your friends from the brew-house. when you a carton package in a perfect shape, in the store, think about way that it did, on lorries and warehouses. The industry continues to produce stronger and easier to use packaging and more convenient for the consumers. Today the packaging industry produce stronger products using less material which leads to generate less waste,just for comparison ten times more energy goes to the production of the food and good than to the package that contains it.

The Packaging Division 

One of the “oldest” divisions of Eagle Paper International. Together with the corrugating division (presented separately) Eagle covers all possible aspect of any grade of the packaging industry. From the basic grades of Duplex Board throughout Triplex board FBB and SBS Eagle Paper International gives solution for any demand on this important aspect of the paper industry.

We source our board all over the world following the industry trend. High quality board from USA and Canada to basic boards from China. With our global network we identify the changes and the new mills dominating this part of the paper industry. From food packaging products to cosmetic and pharmaceuticals products Eagle Paper International has the board for all of them.