About Eagle Paper


Our History

In 1988 out of a coincidental meeting…. a strong and powerful group was formed combining Jacob Geron’s 20 years of worldwide, international trading experience and Daniel and Tavia Gordon’s 50 years of experience in the paper industry. From the days when Eagle Paper International exported stock lots to a few overseas customers we have expanded and developed a worldwide network of customers, mill connections and trading partners.

In 2009, after 20 years of a great and fruitful partnership, Tavia and Daniel, at the age of 75, retired from Eagle Paper. Continental Paper Grading, one of the largest privately held paper companies in the USA of recovery papers, headed by Bill Harrow, bought the shares of Tavia and Daniel Gordon. Eagle Paper International and CPG have been business partners for many years, the purchase of the 50% shares of Eagle Paper have made them an integral part of Eagle Paper International. Since 2009 the cooperation and integrity between Eagle Paper and CPG have resulted tremendous fruitful new business and added to the continuous growth of Eagle Paper.

Our Future

Today, The Company, is offering a wide variation of paper grades, ranging from industrial packaging grades to Tissue grades as well as light weight specialty grades and others. 

Eagle Paper International is very active the export markets as well as North America, Through our chain of suppliers and customers we are selling and buying hundreds of thousands of tons of paper, all over the globe; North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Gulf courtiers and Asia.

Jacob Geron, 50% owner and the president of the company, spends most of his time developing new sources and maintains the international sales organization. Colleen Pirtel, senior VP of operations, is responsible for the smooth operation of hundreds of shipments worldwide with impeccable customer service. Her long-term experience in this field and her years working for Eagle Paper in logistics and operations guarantee top quality performance. Our skilled and experienced team of dedicated employees in our headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA and in our overseas offices are handling logistics, finance, sales and customer service. We are proud to offer a full, in house, line of services including the handling of all shipping arrangements, documentation, financing and more.

Our young, second generation Lior and Raz Geron operating overseas, adding strength, new business and power to Eagle’s worldwide operation.
Dan Harrow, coordinates the export of recovery paper of Eagle Paper from CPG headquarters in Chicago.

Bill Harrow the CEO and chairman of CPG, and Jacob Geron are working  together as a team to develop new businesses and the strategy of the company.