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Logistic Services

With many years of experience we have built an operations division that experts in providing full logistics services to our global clients.
Eagle Paper International has established strong relationship with a verity of shipping line companies and freight forwarders around the world in order to match the needs of every client on every port around the globe.We are always offering the best freight and the best transit time which are both crucial parts in the international trading system. We are fully committed for proper handling, loading, stowing and documentation of all shipmentsWe stand behind our clients with any problem that occurs during the shipping from the second it leaves the warehouse till the minute it gets to the client with our marine insurance partners. 

Our logistics services include; Container shipments, Full documentation services, Customs services,Inspection of goods, Warehousing, Claims handling and etc.

Stock Lot Operation

Eagle Paper International offers a large verity of stock lots for every client’s need. Our division of stock lots, operated by exports, provides full and efficient stock lot service to our clients. Stock lot job as of its nature is different from Prime making tonnage, but we consider it is a regular business rather than spot business. We have our own warehouses so we are able to supply the stocks fast and as per clients exact demands. We get on a weekly basis many lists of a large variety of products and send them directly to the clients to choose from. As we get regular lists on a regular basis we also provide matching in advance service for products that suit our clients’ demands.If you are looking for stock lots will match your needs.

Our Stock lots services includes; large verity of products, large verity of lists to choose from, on a regular basis, our own warehouses from fast and accurate shipping, “choosing in advance” service according to client’s request.

Financial Services

Eagle Paper International offers a large variety of financial services to suit any need of every client.
As an international company we have an extensive global network and close relationships with banks and insurance institutions which give the ideal platform to customize solutions for our customersWe work with exports in international risk management and credit solutions to enable our clients the finance terms that suits their country of origin, products and needs. This is how we offer our customers innovative and secure financing solutions.

Our financial services include: 

  • • Short and medium and long term trade finance.
  • • Structured trade finance.
  • • Countertrade solutions.
  • • Credit insurance facilities.
  • • Credit management.
  • • Cash management services.


Exchange Rates


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